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Raymundo Bonilla
Jan 26, 2022
In Main Campsite
Are you familiar with the concept of Virtual competition!? Shoot 8 meters, from your home or club, 10 weeks, 60 arrows, totally free. Worldwide call, targets inspired by pre-Hispanic culture. Ideal for practicing precision, compete against archers from around the world in various categories (from historical to olympic). Registration open, we start on February 5th. ((Translated with software, if you have any questions we will gladly help you) more info at whatsapp +52 8111 8309 20
Virtual Tournament of America for the World - Registration open - totally free content media
Raymundo Bonilla
Oct 18, 2021
In Main Campsite
I am a member of the TAS, and I know that there have been few calls for restrictions of the pandemic. Fortunately, in my club we have the logistics to carry out this tournament and I have the call for them, for traditional or historical archers, who can travel to Monterrey Mexico in November. Here I leave the link to the call on the official page, and I will resolve any questions you may have. Historical category (Mongolian, Turkish, Egyptian, Native American, Pre-Hispanic) Arches without ledge. They exclusively shoot wooden arrows. 5 Different targets. Target English. Target Javanes. Turkish Target. Kong 3D Target. And Prehispanic Challenge with Atlalt (we will provide it and teach how to use it) Traditional Category. Longbow, Takedown, Recurve, Barebow. Without accesories. Exclusive use of wooden arrows. 15 Kong 3D targets figures, A.S.A. maximum distance 25 meters, 2 arrows per animal. We will have discounts on hotels, breakfast included, as well as gifts from our sponsors, Medals and medieval style food. Greetings and may your arrows be accurate. More info at whatsapp +52 8111830920
First international tournament of the Historic and Traditional category, in Mexico. content media
Raymundo Bonilla

Raymundo Bonilla

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