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Scott Dobbs
Mar 01, 2021
In Main Campsite
Hey there everyone. Does anyone have a go to person to buy ready made traditional arrows from for practice that won't break the bank? I do not mind if they are plain but I need some for practicing my accuracy. Looking for some for my sub-52lb draw bow. My grandfather gave me three of his VERY expensive arrows to practice but I really don't want to use them and risk damaging them!
Scott Dobbs
Jan 04, 2021
In Archery Videos
I just recently got this copy from my grandfather, Donald Dobbs, and thought everyone here would love to see this themselves!
Scott Dobbs
Nov 28, 2020
In Howard Hill Longbowman
Hello there everyone. Scott Dobbs here from the other forums. I just recently sat down (today in fact) with my grandfather Donald Dobbs and had an interview with him about his experience with Howard Hill. Give me a couple of days to piece the video segments together and I will save it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy. If we get more interview questions we can certainly set up a second interview for everyone!
Scott Dobbs

Scott Dobbs

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