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Jun 18, 2022
OK, I'm going to keep flogging along here. In case anyone was wondering.... Flogging = Forum blogging. A newly coined term regarding seemingly pointless, unending, rambling, semi stream of consciousness entries. With run-on sentences. So this is my heat treating oven. It's kind of big for heat treating a couple square inches of steel, so I decided to decapitate and gut it. I got this kiln as a give away. If my only goal was to treat blades, I would look for another option, but this unit is handy for a variety of tasks. I have baked power coated rims. I can also properly temper 36" Bamboo lams in it. The problem with a kiln is the temperature is hard to control. They use a primitive system where the temp ramps up until it melts a little ceramic cone, which allows a metal lever to drop and switch off a relay. To control the temp, one has to constantly monitor and manually turn the unit on and off. Not very precise. So i decided to upgrade to a PID controller, with a ramp/soak function. I was happy to find all the hardware at my local Habitat for Humanity resale store. I did have to buy the PID and 2 of the relays. The box is HUGE, but is was only $5!! Allowed me to be sloppy with the layout Much Better! Before I get flamed, I know the box should be mounted, but I don't have that option. I'm not worried though. I'm a one man shop and it will never be in use when I am not present. I also cobbled together quenching plates for the A2 heads. The 3/64" steel is going to warp for sure at 1800deg, so this will keep them flat. These are temporary. They came out of my aluminum collection. When I accumulate 8lbs, I will melt it down and pour some proper quenching plates. I did lap the contact surfaces to 600grit and used thermal paste in-between, so they should be fine for the one square inch of steel to be quenched. I'm thinking I might try to heat treat the steel and melt the aluminum for the plates at the same time to conserve energy.
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