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Getting back into archery after about a ten year break. Bow hunted quite a bit and took a few deer from '93 through 2013. Shot a lot of 3D too. Compounds mostly. Got an older Ben Pearson Cougar 7050 from a coworker about '95 or so but never shot it much until about 2010 and got to really liking it. Then it was stolen. Three years ago, night of Valentines Day I was walking alongside the road that connects to my street. A very drunk driver in an SUV hit me and fled the scene leaving me laying in the road with a fractured skull and multiple other injuries. He was caught and wound up in prison. I went into the hospital for five months, first month in a coma. I was a mess. Skull fractures, brain bleed, brain swelling, broken shoulder, broken pelvis, It has been a long way back but I will never be 100% where I was before. Picked up a new Fred Bear Grizzly recurve in 45 lb and am looking forward to getting back into archery again. No more compounds. All traditional from here on. The busted left shoulder may limit me a bit, I am right handed. If it does I can drop down to a 25 lber and work up from there. See you on the course and in the woods. :)



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