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Aaron Brill
Nov 08, 2020
In Main Campsite
With this heat wave we've had this past week, I've laid off the deer hunting since I don't have a good way to cool the meat if I were to get one. It was a perfect day to take my little shooting and hunting buddy out in the woods to see if we could find some grouse or other small game. We headed out to some state land near where I deer hunt and frequently see grouse. Of course stumps are fair game anytime too! He's getting to be a good shot, he drilled that stump on his first try! We came upon a couple grouse, but they flushed without giving us a shot opportunity. Shortly after, we sat down for a break and this shot of my Schulz Trophy Hunter was begging to be taken. It appreciated being out getting some fresh air, and I believe John was looking down smiling today. We were poking around under some rocks and my son got to see his first salamander. They are a rare sight around these parts, especially this late in the year. Just as we were getting back to the truck, a birch stump took its toll on one of my arrows. Fortunately there was just enough shaft left to re-taper and put the point back on so it'll have another chance to fly! It was a wonderful day in the woods even if we came home empty-handed. I noticed a lot of deer sign compared to a week ago, so once this weather cools down in a couple days I'll be back after those whitetails!
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Aaron Brill
Oct 30, 2020
In Building Archery Equipment
I'm a big fan of using strops to maintain the edges on my knives and broadheads to avoid constantly honing or filing them. I wanted to make a small one to keep with my hunting gear for touchups in the field, so I put this together with a piece of osage I had laying around. I think it turned out great and with any luck I'll put it to use this weekend!
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Aaron Brill

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