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Redman or Halfbreed - And why Clovis6 396 13
by David Mitchell
Olivia Schulz Dragonheart 768 22
by RonG
Oldie but goody Newell38 263 6
by RonG
Excessive feather wear algstick 223 11
by algstick
Cold Dry Air Cough Fallhunt 177 11
by Dave Weiss
Howard Hill Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Bighorn Longbow tradlongbow 212 2
by 45-70cannon
All the Hill shooters must be hunting Red Beard 424 22
by Red Beard
Oldie but goodie....vintage half breed Newell38 310 13
by Newell38
Happy Birthday to me. J_Foster 165 9
by Jim Wolffe
Merry MISTmas to me! New Northern Mist Classic showed up today!
1 2 3 4
Newell38 1,378 78
by J_Foster
Bare Shaft Tuning is a waste of my time & effort Fallhunt 550 23
by kossetx
Ron Maulding big horn longbows
1 2
Newell38 949 25
by Newell38
Warm Weather Hunting ??? Fallhunt 346 22
by MikeNova
Chekmate ASL - Knave
1 2
Draven 719 30
by Draven
Oldie but goodie Lefty (Ted Kramer) Newell38 222 7
by Red Beard
Some eye candy Newell38 228 7
by steelflight
Hunter PINK Fallhunt 339 23
by two4hooking
What type of knife? two4hooking 482 19
by Mike C.
Bob Burton tell us about your longbow? tradlongbow 272 4
by alex123
Howard Hill Glove getting loose
1 2 3
RonG 693 61
by Dave Weiss
Brace height for reverse/forward handle ASL OrionII 269 12
by OrionII
The poem of hunting steelflight 106 1
by chuckc
Another oldie but goodie (pics inside) Newell38 341 12
by RonG
A Phone Call and Message from John Schulz tradlongbow 470 19
by Yehwa
Back Quiver PARTITIONS ???
1 2
Fallhunt 370 28
by Fallhunt
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2015 Traditional Archery Society Honorees Mr. John Schulz, Mr. Jerry Hill, Mr. Jacques Bonin.

— traditional archery (@TASFORUM) February 24, 2015