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IBO Trad World back at Twin Oaks in 2020 Clydebow 87 2
by Clydebow
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Bob Lee service over the top! Clydebow 68 1
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What will they reminisce about? Moleman 335 13
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TAS Great Lakes Trad Bowhunter Team Champions tradlongbow 94 2
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Up date on the no shelf hill rip off
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Yehwa 1,038 37
by 7 Lakes
Members of 3D Archery Team USA 🇺🇸 tradlongbow 125 1
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Atending local meetings steelflight 149 5
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Shaft Makers Bigmagic 338 14
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Union Jack II Ric O'Shay 228 4
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Jim Belcher Collection Sale tradlongbow 530 14
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TAS Great Lakes Championship tradlongbow 120 6
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BIG NEWS! Bow Raffle tradlongbow 161 4
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I hate it...but I buy'em to shoot'em Moleman 224 10
by longcruise
Tim.....remember this guy ?
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chuckc 372 31
by Old Sailor
Bisch at the Worlds
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timking 297 28
by Old Sailor
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! tradlongbow 59 5
by Deno
Gray glass? Post em if you got em! thumper 226 10
by tradlongbow
I'm back... Steve Graf 273 24
by Steve Graf
Should this be a concern? silverarrow 198 7
by silverarrow
One More Howard Hill Boooklet Giveaway. ENDED Ugly Coyote 118 18
by steelflight
Bowhunting in france philax 1,515 14
by Jim Marsh
TAS Membership Pin tradlongbow 186 6
by tradlongbow
David Miller English Longbow and Sage questions. thumper 197 4
by shawn rackley
Short story of Howard Hill’s life tradlongbow 261 13
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2015 Traditional Archery Society Honorees Mr. John Schulz, Mr. Jerry Hill, Mr. Jacques Bonin.

— traditional archery (@TASFORUM) February 24, 2015